KNOWNSEC-Smart Contract Security Audit
With more than ten years of security accumulation,KNOWNSEC has formed a blockchain security service model combining security services with security research.The knowledge base is constantly accumulating in the research of blockchain industry application and blockchain industry security issues. R&D experience of blockchain projects such as exchanges, wallets, smart contracts, and audit experience of more than 100 projects such as wallet audits, public chain audits and smart contract audits make it more rigorous in conducting EOS smart contract security audits.

Audit Procedure

Please contact: (7 x 24 hours)

Audit Item

Serial NumberAudit Item
1Code Conventions Detection
2General Code Risk Detection
3Access Authority Detection
4Numerical Overflow Detection
5API Function Check Detection
6Asset Class Overflow Detection
7Logic Design Detection
8Information leakage Detection
9Variable Initialization Risk Detection