SlowMist - Smart Contract Security Audit
The SlowMist Team has audited more than 400 well-known smart contracts covering Ethereum, EOS, AChain, VeChain, ONT, Nebulas and other public-chain platforms. Discover dozens of high-risk, medium-risk security issues. SlwoMist is the first domestic recommendation to enter the Etherscan smart contract security audit. The audit report has been recognized by dozens of well-known exchanges and won the OKEx Best Security Audit Partner Award. The hundreds of customers who have served have given a high degree of recognition and appreciation.

Audit Procedure

Please contact: (7 x 24 hours)

Audit Item

Serial NumberAudit Item
1Overflow Audit
2Authority Vulnerability Audit
3Excessive Authority Audit
4Hard-coded Address Security Audit
5Show Coding Security Audit
6Abnormal Verification Audit
7Type Safety Audit
8Performance Optimization Audit
9Design Logic Audit
10Denial of Service Audit
11False Notice Audit
12False Error Notification Audit
13Counterfeit Token Audit
14Random Number Security Audit
15Rollback Attack Audit
16Replay Attack Audit