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After the EOS MainNet launched, we are so excited to have many developers joined our EOS community. At the same time, we also understand that developers consumed much time in order to organize the data on EOS chain while developing applications. Therefore, we launched the EOSPark API service. EOSPark API aims to share the data capabilities of EOSPark and lower the development threshold for developers so that they can spend more efforts on interesting creative ideas.

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You can use HTTPS to request all historical transactions on the EOS, as well as the current data status. includes:

  • • Account - Transfer history, resource information, token balance, etc.
  • • Block - Latest block, block details, etc.
  • • Contracts - Security information, call records, interface lists, etc.
  • • Transactions - Transaction details, transaction push, etc.
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The EOSPark API service is suspended due to the refactoring plan. In order to minimize the impact, we'd like to recommend you to use the following alternative solution