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Blockchain is innately secure. However, security risks and issues have always been a top concern for users, developers and investors. As a decentralized blockchain which allows smart contracts to be built on top of it, EOS has become one of the most popular blockchain technology. With a rapid growth globally, it is critical to ensure the security of the EOS blockchain. That’s how EOSPark SEC platform was born.

EOSPark SEC is a platform displaying security information of smart contracts built on EOS. We aim to build a transparent, reliable and trustworthy community for users, joint developers, projectors and third-party service partners, where essential security information of EOS smart contracts can be disclosed.

Enter contract name to check related security information



You can check an EOS contract security information easily, includes:

for-user-ic-1Has the contract passed code consistency verification or not(Verification passed codes means the running codes on EOS is consistent with developers/Contract owners provided codes).

for-user-ic-2Has the contract audited by security service providers(Normally the audited contract has lower probability of a security breach.

for-user-ic-3Latest contract control information.



You can publicize the above-mentioned information to enhance users trust for safely using the contract.

If your smart contract source code has been evaluated to be reveal, you can submit the source code directly on the smart contract page. EOSPark will proceed real-time compilation to verify codes consistency.

If your source code has been audited by security vendors, you can submit the report to us after removing sensitive information. We will make disclosures on the contract details page for you.

If your source code has not been audited by a security vendor, we recommend that you choose a reliable security vendor that we have selected for you.

The audited code is less likely to have a security breach and contract users will have more confidence using this contract. We will also disclose this information that you have already handed over codes’ update permissions.



If you are a security vendor in blockchain field, welcome to join EOSPark SEC platform, we will lead developers/contract owners to you and let’s work together to build a secure reliable EOS ecosystem.

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